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BMA consists of a network of digital artists who each bring a strong social media reach to the table. Our priority is the unique relationship we have with each of our artists which in turn outlines each collaboration. Authenticity, individuality and personality are the pillars of our philosophy.

We know our artists, their communities and avatars. Our clients know their company’s portfolio, their USPs and their goals. Each collaboration is unique which is why they are individually tailored by us to the needs of the target group as well as the brands’ performance goals.

Our artists are real and unfiltered. Matching a market with an artist equals qualitatively successful digital campaigns. No match equals no match. It’s that simple. Our community and its shared interests determine our 

Let's be clear

Our values


The relationships with our artists and their communities build the foundation of our trust.


We know all our artists personally which is why we are able to individualize collaborations down to the last detail.

Data Driven

Only measurable success is real success. Our projects are based on quantifiable data from the get-go.


Our network’s community is what sustains and moves our company. It determines our projects.


If desired, each collaboration can be declared as exclusive and secured for the future. 


Every BMA appearance as well as those of our artists reflects our own personality. We stand by our ideals.

Customer Voices

Our Client's Feedback

„If you want to stand out from the jungle of influencer marketing these days, you have to be one thing above all else - authentic! BMA does exactly that. It does not bend over to create content for the sake of content creation, rather it works in partnership to achieve the perfect result.

David Gröger
MD Germany

„Companies primarily sell through perception and secondly, through relevance. To generate awareness today, you have to be present in the SoMe area, TV advertising is a thing of the past. BMA represents credible content and high-reach ambassadors, which to me makes the main difference in the market."

Arnold Schult
Director sales

"In BMA we have found a reliable partner who has an excellent network and who helps create creative campaigns. Sascha Pulcher is an expert in influencer marketing and is able to quickly grasp the customer‘s perspective and find creative solutions together."

Felicitas C. Carbajal

Unsere Artists


Cherry Rebelle


Liza Waschke


Sarah Bock

Denise Schwitalle

Strong artists. Strong partners.

The BMA partner network is an association of entrepreneurs from the digital creative industry and related fields. Its aim is to connect the partners with each other in order to develop new ideas and initiate joint projects.

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Our Capital Team



As the head and heart of BMA, he pulls all the strings.


Executive assistant

Kordi is our good soul. She has the CEO's back in day-to-day business. With her organizational skills she ensures that all information is always in the right place at the right time.


Cooperation Manager

Jenny is our executer in the most positive sense. As a social media professional she passionately takes care of implementing cooperations and communicating with our customers.


Creative director

Andreas is the creative head behind BMA's in-house productions.



The scrutinizing eye of post-production and artistic quality management.



Our man behind the camera is responsible for shootings with our artists.

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