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As artist management, we thrive on the creative input and collaborations of our partners. In the BMA Partnership Program, we connect innovative digital creators with each other and thus grow beyond conventional collaborations.

Join a creative network of digital thinkers and doers and develop new concepts and strategies with us.

Everyone has ideas. Let's take them further!

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The BMA Partner Network is an association of entrepreneurs from the digital creative industry and related fields. The aim is to connect partners with one another to develop new ideas and initiate joint projects.

In order to promote collaborations, BMA itself offers a platform connecting compatible service providers who can support each other through establishing individual collaborations.

The BMA values within our artist network are equally translated/carried/transitioned into the partner network. We know each of our partners personally and know which projects they are currently looking for and what they need in order to further develop their brands. The authenticity and one-on-one/customized approach/tailored approach in looking after/taking care of our partners is in no way inferior to the ideals applied to the artist network. Our goal is to nurture creative impulses for the creation of real, digital innovations.

Our artists.
Your network.

Artists in the spotlight, partners on the sidelines - our values remain the same. Regardless of whether it is about collaborations, joint projects or sponsoring, all connections in the BMA network are based on the same foundation of trust, authenticity and personality.


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