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Davis Schulz


Ever since he was a teenager, Davis has successfully pursued his passion for music, which he eventually complemented by acting gigs on the big screen and on TV. The all-rounder convinces with his direct and funny style.

Liza Waschke


In 2013, the fashion enthusiast began her acting career on German television. Since then, the Berliner has become an indispensable part of TV and smartphone screens.

Cherry Rebelle


Cherry has not only made a name for herself as a dancer and through various appearances on TV, web shows and music videos. She has also built a large fan base on Instagram within a very short period of time.

Saskia Beecks


Saskia Beecks started her career as an actress over 10 years ago and regularly inspires fans on German television and in front of smartphone screens. She also has already made a name for herself as a host and author. The proud body transformer shows tireless ambition and a zest for adventure no matter how crazy it may seem.

Micaela Schäfer

DJane & Erotic Model

Micaela became known to a large audience as a model in 2006. Since then, she has constantly expanded her scope and has become an integral part of the German media landscape. Whether on TV shows, as a singer, actress, model, at events or in social media - the entertainer likes to get involved anywhere and has developed into her own brand with her sexy appearances.

Sarah Bock


Sarah has already applied herself successfully in many artistic fields. Not only can she dance and act and was seen on German television for years, but she also deejays in clubs.

Frank Winter


Frank Winter has been known to a large audience since 2011 for his role in a major German TV series. Since then he has been frequently appearing on television while his TV character has already become a cult figure among fans. In addition, he entertains his followers on Facebook and Instagram with a good dose of humor.

Mia Dagbok

Police woman

Mia Dagbok is a police superintendent with a passion. She has been pursuing her dream job since 2016 and has been offering her Instagram community an insight into her profession since 2019. The passionate dog mom and baby-mom-to-be uses social media like a diary, in which she shares insights about her job and her career, but also offers glimpses into her eclectic private life.

Daniela Kahl


As a fitness model, personal trainer, dancer and stunt woman, Daniela embodies the term ‘power woman’: She masters every action-packed activity with ease, such as working as a stunt woman in major Hollywood and German productions. On Instagram, she keeps her followers up to date about her multi-faceted activities and also shares helpful fitness tips.

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